History of Vayrd

In the beginning of time, as it is reckoned in the ancient texts kept by the priests and monks of Ahasuerus and Atysul, the great Eloshai sent forth his thought into the great void and formed a mass, shapless and vague. Upon this mass he bestowed the gift of Eloshai, that is life, such that life might thrive on the world when it was formed. Yet he himself did not form it or make the life; for that, he ordained the Isula, the Creators, from among the Mosatan, his servants. Sending them forth into the void, he gave them one command: “Walk where thou wilt, create what thou wilt, but do so within the bounds I have set. If thou strayest outside the bounds, know this: that all thy labour will turn to ruin, and all thy work will be undone. Nevertheless, I shall turn all things to my purposes, even those that are evil.”

It is told elsewhere how the Isûla then went forth into the void and found great pleasure in creating all manner of things. Chief among them were Ahasuerus and Jezuba’al, of whom sprung many of the other Isula. Of all the Isula, though, Vayrd loved the mass of Eloshai best, and she formed its valleys and rivers, mountains and oceans. Taihat filled them with his creation, water, and Vorína caused living things to grow there. Vorina blended the earth of her sister Vayrd, the air of Lercia, the fire of Fruar, and the water of Taihat and blended them with the gift of Eloshai, life, and made animal life. Mirennia then took portions of the Gift and shaped it, giving the world its magick. Finally, when all else was accomplished, each of the greater Isula chose one form to be highest above all their creations and gave them life and thought. Many of these were formed in the image of their creator, but even more so they seemed in the form of Eloshai.

Ahasuerus himself, reckoned greatest of the Isula, created the elves to worship Eloshai above all else. Vakas, son of Ahasuerus and Jezuba’al, being told by his sister Vashti that hard times were ahead, created the dwarves, making them hardy enough to withstand the difficulties that were to come. Mirenna and Vayrd together created the gnomes, creatures who loved the magick of Mirenna but also loved using the metals found in Vayrd’s soil to create fantastic things. Etiche, loving trickery and pranks, joined with Rill, the Wanderer, to create the nomadic halflings. Fruar, loving fire, created the first dragons, great coppery beasts that breathed fire. Others were created as well, but highest of all stood the elves of Ahasuerus, created to love justice and mercy and to govern the world through a blend of the two.

But all was not well. As is told elsewhere, Ahasuerus created the Elves as his servants and charged them with keeping the laws of Eloshai. Yet his wife, Jezuba’al, grew jealous, desiring mastery over her husband and over his creations. So she rebelled against her husband, corrupting many of the Elves and other creatures, and even some of the Isula. Putting forth all her strength, she nearly crushed Ahasuerus; had it not been for the foresight of Vakas in creating the Dwarves and for hope unexpected, she would have won. But the forefathers of the Dwarves stood firm against the evil of Jezuba’al, and Naan Steadfast even fought with her, axe to chain, before he was struck down.

Still, the war went against them. In a desperate hope, the Isula still faithful to Ahasuerus and Eloshai banded together to create what was supposed to be the greatest of their creations – man. Versatile he was supposed to be, and loyal as well. But when they were commanded to fight, only a third of them obeyed. Another third fled, terrified of the creatures corrupted and created by Jezuba’al – the orcs, goblinoids, evil dragons, and the corrupted elves, the drow. The final third turned on their creators, desiring power, and joined Jezuba’al in her fight for supremacy.

Even with the help of the Khazhuru, therefore, Jezuba’al might still have had victory had it not been for the intervention of Meghwyn and her Paladins. Rushing to the defense of Ahasuerus, Meghwyn, who had loved the Isul long from afar, struck Jezuba’al such a blow that she fell to the ground. The righteous Canuha followed her, striking down the servants of Jezuba’al so that they fled to the deepest holes and caves of Vayrd.

Jezuba’al herself was taken captive and bound in empty planes, doomed to walk the nothingness forever, unless someone were to release her. To ensure that no war such as had occurred every happened again, it was given to Anvéru to create the Naga, a race that would rule Vayrd with justice.


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History of Vayrd

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